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Hayden’s Story

We found Hayden struggling to survive on a dog meat farm in South Korea. Bred to supply dogs for the dog meat trade, she was a broken soul with a future of suffering ahead of her. But we changed all that and rescued Hayden and 170 other dogs suffering on this farm.

Hayden took some time to transition to her new life and foster family. Suffering from extreme trauma, at first she wouldn’t leave her crate except to walk around. She also refused to eat.



From a terrible existence to a happy ending

Hayden’s foster family didn’t give up on her. Jane and Johnathan adopted her exactly 101 days after bringing her home, and the rest is history. This curious girl now gets to explore all the world’s beauty and no longer spends her days alone and frightened in a barren cage.

Our work

We defend animals, each and every day. We fight animal cruelty, each and every day. We work wherever and whenever abuse, neglect and exploitation against animals occurs.

This lifesaving work would not be possible without animal lovers like you. When you support Humane Society International Europe, you help bring even more happy stories to animals like Hayden all across the globe, and we’re so happy that the ending to her tale is magical.

“Every life saved is precious. They all matter,
no matter where they are, or how forgotten
their story seems.” - A supporter