We bring food, veterinary care and comfortable kennels to all the dogs rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea.

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Food, veterinary cares and comfortable kennels to help us transport more than 70 dogs to a new happy life.


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In the last weeks our team has discovered and started the closing operations of a new dog meat farm in South Korea. Dogs, destined to human consumption, are in terrible conditions: without food, water and crammed in dirty cages. Many of them are suffering from rabies, many others are pregnant.

We need your help to rescue them and let them finally a new happy life, free from any kind of cruelty.

Our team, composed of just two persons due to emergency health regulations, is working hard to provide what the over 170 rescued dogs and puppies need. But this is only the beginning of their road to recovery. You can help us care for these dogs and protect so many other animals worldwide.

It's urgent: help us bring food, comfortable and safe kennels for transportation, veterinary cares, vaccinations and rehabilitation therapies.

Dog meat 16

WITH 10 €
you can help us bring them food

Dog meat 16

WITH 15 €
you can help us bring them comfortable and safe kennels for transportation

Dog meat 16

WITH 20 €
you can help us bring them veterinary cares, vaccinations and therapies



since 2015 in


in South Korea

We are Humane Society International Europe

Humane Society International is one of the largest animal protection organisation and is active in more than 50 countries all over the world. We are volunteers, advocates, staff, animal lovers and we have 1,2 million supporters and most importantly thousands of donors. Without you we are not able to close dog meat farms, support farm animals, carry out animal rescue, care them in disasters, make changes in the ways animals are treated on farms and labs, streets and in the wild.

Do you need help with your online donation? Please, send an email to [email protected] Currently, we are unable to process donations by cash or sent by mail. We advise our supporters to please donate via direct bank transfer, Paypal or credit card. Please use this banking information and insert 'DONATION 70 DOGS-FIRST.NAME-SURNAME' in the subject line: CITIBANK EUROPE PLC - BELGIUM BRANCH - IBAN: BE39 5701 3581 5519 - BIC: CITIBEBX.